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Chronic Disease Management services offered in Mequon, WI

Around 133 million Americans have a chronic disease they need to manage for the rest of their lives. To protect you from chronic disease complications, board-certified family physician Matthew Leafblad, MD, and his team at Halo MD offer chronic disease management. They also provide preventive screenings on-site to reduce your risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, and other preventable chronic diseases. Call the office in Mequon, Wisconsin today to schedule a chronic disease management consultation or book your appointment online.

Chronic Disease Management Q & A

What is chronic disease management?

The chronic disease management services available at Halo MD focus on protecting your long-term health from the complications of a chronic illness.

Dr. Leafblad and his Halo MD team offer diagnostic testing and customized treatment plans for a wide range of chronic diseases. They also provide complete preventive screenings to reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

Why would I need chronic disease management?

You should consider scheduling a chronic disease management consultation at Halo MD if you have chronic health conditions like:


Diabetes affects how your body processes sugar from your diet into the energy you need to function. There are several forms of diabetes the team can help you manage, including Type 1, Type 2, and prediabetes.

High cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy fat in your blood that helps build healthy cells. When you have high cholesterol, it can cause blockages in your blood vessels that increase your risk of heart disease and heart attack.


Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a condition where the force of your blood against the walls of your blood vessels is too high. Untreated hypertension can lead to stroke, heart disease, blood vessel damage, and other potentially life-threatening health complications.

The team also recommends preventive health screenings if your risk of chronic diseases, like a family history of diabetes, is high or you have unusual symptoms needing to be diagnosed.

What happens during my initial chronic disease management consultation?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Leafblad and his medical team spend time getting to know your medical history and discussing your current health. They complete a physical exam and note important details about your health history and any symptoms you have.

Halo MD offers on-site diagnostic testing, including bloodwork, to diagnose a new condition or to assess how well your current chronic disease treatment is working for you.

Based on the results of your tests, the team designs a treatment plan to effectively manage the disease now and in the long term. Your treatment plan can include:

  • Diet changes
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Medical weight loss supervision
  • Prescription medications

You can also expect regular follow-up with the Halo MD team. They need to check your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and other aspects of your health. They can also adjust your treatment plan as your health circumstances change.

Call Halo MD today to schedule a chronic disease management consultation or book an appointment online.